8 містичних ритуальних символів українського Різдва


Interesting facts in ukrainian language: Part 1. Dialects

Ukrainian is interesting and beautiful. It is diverse and sometimes unpredictable – and we love our amazing language. Our language is even more quaint than English or French. One word may sound quite differently depending on the region you are in. It’s interesting that the Ukrainian language is similar withRead More

Russian or Ukrainian: Which language do Ukrainians choose?

Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine. There were a lot of rumours about giving Russian language the status of the second official language in Ukraine, but this didn’t happen. However, it’s hard for someone who comes to Ukraine for the first time to understand what language do we speak. For example, styleRead More

1944 by Jamala: Winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2016

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest was special for Ukraine for several reasons. For the first time, the song was dedicated to tragic historical events. Jamala got the opportunity to perform at the contest after the 2nd try. And Ukraine won Eurovision for the 2nd time. And the song “1944” is the onlyRead More

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