Online tutoring via Skype

Do you want to learn the Ukrainian language, but it’s difficult for you to choose the best course? Do you have no free time and want to study at home? Ukrainian Language School Kyiv starts online-courses! You need a computer, Internet and of course Skype.  

Start study now and send us the following information via mail:
– Convenient schedule for you 
– Your Skype-username in Skype
– Knowledge of Ukrainian language (Beginner, intermediate, advanced)
– What language do you speak

After confirming the start of classes according to your schedule, you need to pay the cost of the lesson not later than 3 days bevor the lesson starts. It would help your teacher  to prepare beforehand. A class hour costs 15, 00 € (1 Unit – 45 Min.)

Attention: If you paying 10 lessons you get 1 free!

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